Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 2 - I Need a Tape Recorder

A few months ago friend of mine suggested using a tape recorder to record R's voice and our conversations. I don't have one (naturally), but was really wishing for one this morning. I'm running about, trying to get myself ready for work and there's my little munchkin, standing in the kitchen singing "I've Been Working on the Railroad" from his Wee Sing book - so unbelievably cute. The cutest thing, of course is that he wasn't really singing from the book (as he can't read yet), but would thumb to the correct page and start singing. Then he'd go to another page and sing what was on there. When he ran out pages he recognized he started asking me to sing, and then he'd join in.

I'd love to record our morning routine (when it goes well, that is; no one would want to hear us when it doesn't): the things he does and doesn't want to do for himself (this morning it was his socks - "I can put them on all by myself!"; and he did), all the cute little questions from him, and my "mommy" answers... I was so acutely aware this morning particularly, how fleeting this all will seem in a few years.

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