Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Year (to date) of Facebook Posts

Between work, pregnancy and home concerns, I haven't been taking the time to journal that I'd like to (I have started working on Rowan's scrapbook again, which is something...). Lately, it's been easier to keep my updates going on Facebook, so I compiled (most of) my postings from 2009 to look back at the year:
  • is icing a sore back and cursing being a clutz! (Jan. 18)
  • is listening to R's breathing through the monitor (Jan. 19)
  • is trying to psych up her 4-year-old for the Super Bowl (it's not working) (Feb. 1)
  • tried a neti pot for the first time today... (Feb. 6)
  • has just seen 'pictures' of the new baby... 9 weeks 2 days, 1 inch long, and beautiful little heartbeat... bliss. (April 8)
  • is psyched once again for the [Contra Banditos] CD recording... less than 3 weeks to go! (May 5)
  • loves hearing the crickets outside the open kitchen door (ahh, spring!) (May 19)

  • felt the baby moving for the first time last night!! (May 30)
  • spent a lovely day celebrating father's day, our anniversary and the solstice at DeCordova Museum; now off to make twice baked potatoes... (June 21)
  • is having a baby boy!!! 12 oz. as of this evening, and quite the little gymnast! (June 30)
  • is tired of the nausea and constant fatigue. (July 18)
  • went canoeing today with the guys. Yea! (July 25)
  • enjoyed celebrating Lammas yesterday. (Aug. 2)
  • now has a broken toe.... grrr. (Aug. 11)
  • off to the Catskills - hope everyone has a fabulous holiday weekend! (Sept. 4)
  • is on her own with R for the weekend. Man, the house is quiet after bedtime... (Oct. 9)
  • smells like a campfire (yum). Thanks Brenda! (Oct. 10)
  • is officially in the last month of her pregnancy. (Oct. 13)
  • is glad R. had a great time at his party - thanks to everyone who came and helped make it successful!! (Oct. 26)
  • Had her last day of work yesterday, and will be at home preparing for baby. (Oct. 29)
  • Happy Halloween, blessed Samhain, and happy 5th birthday to my beloved son! (Oct. 31)
  • is still pregnant, but only has 4 more days until her due date. Does housecleaning really bring on labor??? At least my house will be clean.... (Nov. 5)
  • due today, but no progress to report. Raspberry leaf tea, housecleaning and walking are all being tried... any other recommendations?? (Nov. 9)
  • ...still incubating. Have an ultrasound on Monday and doctor's appointment Tuesday to schedule an inducement. Oh well.... (Nov. 15)