Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random Things (About Me)

A few friends of mine sent me this note on Facebook recently: “25 random things about me” (or something like that). I loved the idea because it really got me thinking... what don't most of my friends know about me? And of that (mostly useless) information, what's worth telling them? I also loved getting this from them and learning some trivial, and not-so trivial things about them. Here's what I came up with:

1. If I could only use two words to describe myself I would use fiery and passionate

2. I performed in Carnegie Hall when I was sixteen (not by myself... with a regional youth symphony orchestra)

3. I spent most of my childhood wishing I were almost any animal other than human (preferably a furry one)

4. I have two tattoos and plan to get more; each one is, or will be, a piece of my soul inscribed on my skin.

5. Until I met my husband, I was dead certain that I would never have children

6. I was born on a Friday the 13th (April) and my son was born on Halloween (at 13:13).

7. I LOVE to sing!!!

8. I am amazed (and pleased) at how much being a mother now defines me; my son has helped me find parts of my soul I never knew existed

9. I don't make friends very easily, and so I cherish the ones I have; they mean more to me than they will ever know (even though I'm lousy at keeping in touch)

10. Halloween is my very favorite holiday (and was prior to the birth of my son).

11. I haven't done nearly enough world traveling

12. Making a difference in the world is the main force that drives me every day.

13… is my favorite number.

14. I keep thinking about what I’m going to do when I win the lottery, but I don’t play it.

15. I discovered I had claustrophobia when attempting to enter one of the pyramids of Egypt during Ramadan in 1997.

16. If I could live anywhere in the States, it would be in the Monadnock region of NH – I went to camp there as a child and worked and went to school there as an adult. Someday (someday) I plan to return.

17. My Sicilian grandfather has a rather...interesting...heritage

18. I love, love, love, to swim, but not in ponds with squishy bottoms (which is most of them)

19. If I could be doing anything at (almost) any moment, it would be riding a horse

20. After 12 days with no power in our house last month, I discovered that there are few more satisfying things than sitting down to a meal cooked in your own house with your family (with all the lights on...)

21. My favorite author is Stephen King; I'd love to sit down and talk with him

22. I could probably identify 90% of the plants and animals in your backyard (stole this one from Kate - thanks!!)

23. I collect coins (I'm such a geek)

24. I never told the person who inspired me to become an educator that he did so (I will though, I swear!)

25. I love my name.

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