Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Snapshot of Our Lives Away From Work

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Regardless of your religious observance (or lack there of), holidays are about taking time away from the everyday to be with friends and family. This Easter we had an unexpected dinner at our house as my in-laws (who's house we normally would have had dinner at) were away at the last minute. I had a moment yesterday of perfect contentment and found some time to jot it down:

It’s afternoon, and I am standing at the counter making a spinach casserole. I am wearing our infant son in a front pack as I drain the spinach and mix the other ingredients. The baby is asleep, and I occasionally peer down at him and kiss his head. I put a ham in the oven a few hours earlier, and now it fills the kitchen with its good smell. On our table in the corner filled with windows is a blue and white flowered table cloth, and later we will set it with my grandmother’s china, and my step-mother’s crystal glasses. It is warm and sunny outside, and fresh air and sunshine pervade our farm-style kitchen.

Our older son is playing in our back yard with his cousin. My husband and his sister and her husband are outside supervising the boys, but really doing more conversing while the kids work out their own play. Later they will (with a small suggestion from me) discover the joy of climbing the big rock in our yard, and I know that it will be a large part of son's playscape for the years that we remain in this house.

I am deeply content. I love the sounds of the children in the yard, and although my back aches a bit, also love the feel of my small son resting against my body. I can hear him breathe, and am comfortably warmed by his body. I am aware of how much I love cooking for my family, caring for my children, and being a mother. I am pleased that we are able to have our extended family in our house for this Easter dinner, even though we celebrated our own holiday two weeks ago. Before we start our meal we will give thanks and recognize both the Easter holiday, and the celebration of spring.


Stephanie said...

We celebrated on the 20th, too. :)

Welcome to Growing Naturally!


Cynthia said...

Thanks Stephanie!