Thursday, October 16, 2008

"My Mommy Plays Music With Her Friends"

I mentioned the other day that R. has taken to listening to the Contra Banditos CD at night (all night, every night...). Well, we were driving in the car the other day listing to Old Crow Medicine Show, and I guess it must have reminded him of the Banditos (we cover two of their songs) and he said that his favorite song on the Banditos CD was the one 'where all the girls sing together'; this is 'To Be Good', which he has heard us perform live on several occasions. He then asked me what the name of the Banditos CD was; I explained that it didn't have an official name yet, since we weren't done with the recordings. He said, 'well I think you should call it: “My Mommy Plays Music With her Friends”' (on the evenings when I head out to practice with the Banditos, R. invariably asks where I'm going, and my response is always - “I'm going to play music with my friends!”). I told him that I would bring his suggestion for a CD title back to the rest of the band the next time I'm at a rehearsal (which I haven't done yet...). R.'s response was: “I think they'll think it's funny!”. Laughing, I told him I was sure they would enjoy his suggestion, especially since quite a few Banditos are also mommies, playing music with their friends.

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